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MDT CRUIZER 15W-50 with 5 in1 full synthetic technology for ULTIMATE performance.

MDT CRUIZER with Power Protect Technology™ optimizes friction and delivers superior acceleration at the twist of the throttle.

MDT CRUIZER with Power Boost Technology™ manages heat and friction in big bikes, ensuring continuous power delivery and on-demand acceleration.  

Powered by our full synthetic technology, CRUIZER 15W-50 is crafted to help unlock ultimate performance for your bike’s engine through its unique 5-in-1 formula.


MDT CRUIZER 15W-50 is suitable for 2- wheelers where API SN (or below) and JASO MA/MA2/MB is required.


  • 2L,  50L,  205L

*Pack Size can be customised based on the market demands and requirements. 


  • High Power Output – The metallic detergent and ashless dispersant additive system maintains high power output by providing very good upper ring belt deposit control.
  • Saves on Maintenance – Its proven metalorganic antiwear additive system resists wear in severe service by forming a protective layer on contact surfaces.
  • Hassle free Operation- High oxidation stability resists oil degradation and protects against oil thickening and oil line and filter plugging.
  • Long Oil Drain Intervals – A high level of alkaline reserve ensures that corrosive acids formed by the combustion of fuel sulphur are neutralized without the need of overly shortened oil drain intervals. Potential Oil Drain period of 4000 km.
  • Better Fuel Efficiency
  • Prevents Clutch Slips 
  • Idle for High Speed and Wet Clutch System.


MDT CRUIZER 15W-50 meets conditions prescribed by American Petroleum Institute: API SN and Japanese Automotive Standards Organization – JASO MA2.